Phottix Nuada S3 II VLED Video LED Light
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): > 95
  • Color Temperature (adjustable): 3200K-5600K
  • Maximum Brightness: 850Lux @ 1m
  • Power: 35W ; Battery power: Compatible NP Series x 2 (NP-F550 / 750 / 960);
  • AC Adapter: 100-240VAC

Experience effortless lighting mastery with the Nuada S3 II. Designed for all levels, from beginners to professionals, its soft, beautiful light elevates your content. With 288 LEDs in warm and cool tones (2500K-8500K), 40W output, and wireless control via the Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO3), your vision comes to life. Perfect for entrepreneurs, it’s AC-powered and battery-compatible for on-the-go brilliance. Ignite your creativity with the Nuada S3 II LED Light.